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PART 5. Effectivity. a€” These guidelines shall simply take influence on July 1, 1989.

PART 5. Effectivity. a€” These guidelines shall simply take influence on July 1, 1989.

GUIDELINE VIII Payment of Earnings

POINT 1. Manner of salary cost. a€” As a general rule, wages shall be paid in legal tender while the use of tokens, promissory records, vouchers, vouchers, or other form purported to signify legal-tender is completely forbidden even though expressly requested by the personnel. cralaw

SECTION 2. fees by check. a€” Payment of wages by lender checks, postal inspections or cash orders is actually enabled in which such method of wage installment is actually customary about big date on the effectivity of the laws, where it is so stipulated in a collective agreement, or where all of the preceding conditions become satisfied:

(a) there clearly was a lender or other facility for encashment within a distance of 1 (1) kilometer through the place of work;

(b) The workplace or any of his representatives or associates cannot receive any pecuniary profit straight or ultimately from the arrangement;

(c) The employees are offered affordable opportunity during banking hrs to withdraw their unique earnings from bank which opportunity will probably be thought to be compensable time worked if done during employed hrs; and

(d) The cost by check has been the penned consent of this workforce stressed if you have no collective agreement authorizing the fees of wages by lender checks. cralaw

PART 3. period of repayment. a€” (a) Wages will be paid for around as soon as every two (2) days or twice monthly at periods perhaps not surpassing sixteen (16) weeks, unless cost shouldn’t be fashioned with this type of consistency considering force majeure or circumstances beyond the workplace’s controls in which particular case the manager shall shell out the earnings immediately after these types of energy majeure or circumstances has ceased.