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Lesbians stand by trans feamales in open letter after ‘dangerous’ BBC article

Lesbians stand by trans feamales in open letter after ‘dangerous’ BBC article

Lesbians defended transgender lady on social networking Wednesday after the BBC released a write-up that lots of critics said made “dangerous” promises that colored all transgender women as sexual predators.

The content, released Tuesday, is named “we are getting pushed into sex by some trans females.” They quotes about 50 % several lesbians —including three whom passed pseudonyms and three figureheads from organizations that press anti-trans information, like the LGB Alliance and acquire The L Out — whom say cisgender lesbians are now being pushed currently trans women out of anxiety that they’re going to end up being criticized to be transphobic. One woman mentioned a trans girl forced the girl into penetrative sex.

This article has confronted prevalent critique on the internet and has-been denounced by tens and thousands of cisgender people, a lot of them self-identified lesbians, with the hashtag #CisWithTheT, that has been developed by maximum Morgan, an LGBTQ rights activist and podcaster (cisgender describes someone who recognizes together with the gender these were designated at beginning).

“i will be a cis lesbian I am also so sick of witnessing those who normally cannot render a really about lesbian legal rights (and who are outright homophobes) tweeting #IStandWithLesbians simply because they like to report that all trans folks are predators,” someone penned on Twitter. “Your bigotry is not modern. #CisWithTheT”